Siúil a Rún
claryeverlark: TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them that they are it.

Hi lovely!! Thanks so much lol umm here we go:

1) When I really like a song, I REALLY LIKE A SONG. I play it over and over again for the whole entire day. If you are sitting with me in the same room chances are you will get sick of it after an hour or two. I however, will keep playing it for the next ten hours.  

2) I have basically mentally checked myself out of college finals even though I still have two weeks left until winter break.

3) I hate shopping for clothes but love shopping for books. 

4) Umm, I love to write poetry.

5) On my bucket list it’s my goal to watch the Nutcracker ballet live at a legitimate, professional performance. 

6) On that list is also that I really want to see the Magic of the Flute live. PLS.

7) You want the way to my heart? CHEESE FRIES.

8) HI APRIL YOU HAVING FUN STALKING ME? (April is my lil sis)

9) Daddy Daughter Charming feels are the best.

10) I am a very tired, sleep deprived teenaged girl. 2AM SHIFTS UGH.

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