Siúil a Rún

My worst fear right now is that Belle doesn’t get her memories back in Lacey. It’s completely irrational but I still worry. :/

  1. chip-cup said: TBH I didn’t think we would get her memories back in 2x19, I’m SO looking forward to this eppy and can’t wait to see what it holds…I’m thinking memories back in season finale
  2. lumiereandpenumbra said: I think your fears are valid. I strongly believe she won’t get her memories back that episode. What upsets me more is that the follow up to the phone call doesn’t happen until that episode. 3 episodes later!
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  5. darthbastila said: I think this is what’s going to happen. I mean… I don’t see the point of giving Belle a Storybrooke name if they are going to retrieve her memory back and she’ll attend as Belle again. It’s sad, though.
  6. amyjpond said: what if she doesn’t get them back until the season final?
  7. sixbluemarbles said: Same, same. I don’t think it’s irrational, tbh. :/
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